9'6" Robert August "What I Ride" model
9'0" Randy Rarick BEAR "ALL AROUND"
8'6" Yater
9'0" Robert August "What I Ride" model
DAILY         25.00 per day

WEEKLY   SPECIAL    7 DAYS,  $160.00 

MONTHLY   $500.00  for 1 Month
A deposit of $300.00 is required at the time of pickup or delivery. The deposit is not charged to your account unless the boards are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair (example: if the board is broken in two or more pieces). This is a common practice for all board rentals here in Mexico due to the very high cost of replacing a board. Beware of places that do not require a deposit and be sure to read all the fine print before signing any rental agreement.
Robert August 9'6"
Bear 9'0"
Renting a board is easy. Simply select a board from the current available boards. Once you have selected a board, you can reserve it for $50.00, or if you choose, the entire rental can be done online using Paypal. There is a  $300.00 deposit on each board reserved. Deposits are collected at the time of pickup, or you can choose to make your deposit  online using Paypal. Deposits are refundable when the board is returned. Charges will be deducted from your deposit if damage or loss of the board occurs.
When reserving, please specify dates at checkout
9'0" Robert August Woody "What I Ride" model
9'6" Triple X Bamboo Noserider
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8'6" Yater
Robert August 9'0" "What I ride"
9'6" Yater
            9'2" Yater
RACKS FOR RENT   $15.00 per week
9'6" Bamboo noserider
9'6" Yater
9'2" Yater
Single board rack
Double board rack
Robert August 9'0" "Woody"
9'2" Yater
7' 6" Bamboo Fun Board